About eValue-IT

 eValue-IT is a strategic consulting company focusing on helping organisations optimise their returns on their information systems investments.

Any organisation to be successful must have a measurable return for the investments that it makes. regardless of what type of organisation it is. Businesses must deliver value back to their stakeholders, usually in the form of  sustainable profits, Government departments implement policy and are to be held accountable for the effectiveness of services that they run to achieve those policy goals. Even a not-for-profit trust, charity or community organisation is assessed by the quality of services and the support it gives to the broader community.


Few organisations today would challenge the need to participate in the information age. At a minimum organisations and their employs communicate via email, and many organisations have a web site, a web presence on the Internet. However many organisation, whether big or small, find themselves constantly struggling with IT, its cost and the quality of the services that IT delivers.


Many organisations view IT as a singular cost of doing business, and it is certainly true that to achieve the best returns from IT it is necessary to maintain a relentless drive to minimise the cost of IT to the organisation. However IT savvy organisations not only look at the costs of IT but also look at the opportunities. Savvy organisations look to directly match the portfolio of  available IT services to the organisations business objectives and portfolio. The result, the allocation of ICT investments appropriate for a company's circumstances.

What eValue-IT offers its clients ...

It is important for an organisation to focus on how it uses a technology rather than on the technology itself.

Value Pyramid

ICT investment can be broken into four broad classifications or portfolios:


  • Infrastructural
Infrastructural investments comprise  the shared ICT services used by multiple applications.  Infrastructure are typically aimed at providing a reliable but agile base upon which other applications, systems and services are implemented.

These include; servers, networks, desktop PC's laptops, client databases, email systems and a host of other devices, software and systems
Investments in infrastructure results in more cost effective, reliable and/or agile ICT services

  • Transactional
Transactional investments are primarily focused at reducing costs throughout the organisation, enabling or improving business process thereby increasing employee's total throughput of work.

Typical examples are: billing software,  client file processing, inventory management software, logistics tracking, Online forms & queries for customers.
Investment in transactional IT yields lower costs by the use of IT to support or automate repetitive processes.

  • Informational
Informational IT investments  provide purposeful information to the employs of your organisation. Disciplined  use of common information results in effective use of information. Effective use of information promotes the performance of an organisation in its marketplace.

Examples include accounting software, compliance, reporting, data warehouses and business intelligence systems
IT savvy organisations are information savvy organisations. Information savvy organisations are disciplined in the use of common sets of information. Effective use of information means greater profitability.

  • Strategic
Strategic investments support new business processes, the development of new products or services. Through strategic investments organisations should look to break into new markets and gain competitive advantages. Non-profit organisations will find new ways to achieve policy objectives or develop new community services.
Strategic IT investments encourage innovation across the organisation.


eValue-IT uses the pragmatic application of industry proven processes and frameworks, coupled with industry leading products, and skilled teams of people, to bring the value back into your organisation's IT.