Setting up a new domain in Route 53 - Part 1

Lets setup a new domain using AWS Route 53.


Setting up a new domain in Route 53
Lets set-up a new domain using AWS Route 53. We will be using this  in our Email set-up series, but we won't go into the email specific configuration yet.

There are a lot number of DNS hosting and registrars out there, all with slightly different services and pricings (some free!). For one I wanted to see how Route 53 compares.

If you don't have an AWS account, it is easy enough to register and currently they have a range of services available for free to get you started. I won't go into that in detail. There are a number of AWS manuals available as Kindle books for free as well.

AWS has a SIMPLE MONTHLY CALCULATOR here ... From this we can quickly get an estimate for what we will be up for.

Fig 01 - AWS Simple Monthly Calculator

$12 per annum is competitive with what I am paying elsewhere.

We are going to establish a new sub-domain of a second level domain or SLD domain say

Example Values
What we will be using

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