Setting up a new domain in Route 53 - Part 2


Setting up a new domain in Route 53
OK, lets get started, login to the AWS Console. Lets try domain registration:

Figure 2: domain registartion

Lets try Register Domain > Chose a domain name and check it. Oh ... so we have to pay a yearly registration fee. The cheapest being a .click at $7.00 pa, so now we are up to $19 pa. pfft ... didn't see that coming.

You will need to setup your Registrant contact details, following the form is quite simple. NB: you want to use Hide contact information if the TLD registry, and the registrar, allow it otherwise you will end up with a lot of new SPAM, phone calls and TXTs - pretty much all trying to sell you SEO and Web Site design!! The privacy  protection documentation is here... You will need to use a valid email address as your contact email, this will require validation  at some point or your domain may be cancelled!!

registration may take a while, last time I did this it took 45 minutes. It could take days!

To make it easier for you to use Route 53 as the DNS service for your new domain, we'll automatically create a hosted zone. That's where you store information about how to route traffic for your domain, for example, to an Amazon EC2 instance.

What this means is its creating the DNS Zone for you. Click "Hosted Zones" and you should see your new Domain Name.

And where done. We can now setup some hosts and public IP's to point at.

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