Getting Started: Plone Theming - Part IV

Diazo Off and Firefox Inspector

Rendering a site un-themed

When you arte working with Diazo it is important to know how the content the theme is receiving is structured.In order to see a “non-diazoed” version page, just add :
at the end of its URL. Try it now.

 Using Firefox Inspector

I find Firefox Developer Edition indespensible in these activities. You can find a link to its home page on my personal page here ..., or look it up in the search engine of your choice.

  • Once installed you can load up your page, select Inspector (or Toggle Tools) from the Tools (spanner icon) menu, thus
  • Chrome has similar tools ... Chrome Menu > More tools  > Developer tools
 Tools > Inspector
  • The browser window splits, showing the rendered page at the top and a number of tools tabs beneath;
  • The Inspector tab shows the html source.
  • You can float your cursor over different elements in the source and it will show you the corresponding elements in the page;
  • for example
  • Clicking the Element Picker:
Element Picker
  • allows you to select items within the rendered page, this will highlight the corresponding elements in the Inspector.
Pick an element
  • Kinda cool, really!


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