Web site redesign and reimplementation

eValue-IT and its sibling web sites are currently undergoing a significant redesign. Contact me if you have difficulty finding published information or site issues.

These sites are being promoted to a production like configuration making use of both on-premisis, and AWS server-less and hosting technologies (for site fail-over). Watch this space $1 a day, static, Wordpress and Plone hosting coming soon...

Thanks to AWS, its as easy as pie. (Well ... λ actually!)

Target for re-launch is 1st July.

The objective is to have a more responsive, contemporary look suitable for desk and mobile. eValue-IT is committed to the integration of the open source and creative commons capabilities available. Thank You TEMPLATED!


  • 10 06 19: PoC
  • 11 06 19: The mvp landing pages are in on the test site.
  • 12 06 19: Yes! Contact page working again.
  • 12 06 20: Cut-over of site


Post go-live todo's

  • Ad 'verts to landing pages
  • Match colours, fonts, font sizes and styles between landing page and Plone CMS site
  • 'vert sizing
  • Add Wordpress blog
  • Expand acknowldgements