Gmail HTML Editing

The gmail Rich Formatting editor has a rather limited range of HTML options ... simple formatting ... colours etc ... Embedding html is actually trival ... just not ...obvious ...

Chinese Input on XP

This probably isn't self-evident to most users but it really is quite simple to setup XP for Chinese display and input ... because with XP all you need is already there ... or so it seems .. as always your mileage may vary.

Removable Drive Issues on XP

I was having problems loading some CD's and DVD's on my work laptop. I had no idea what had been previously installed and uninstalled on this machine. Bottom line was some CD's wouldn't appear others would, but wouldn't auto run. It all come to a head when I USB device I wanted to use emulated a removable CD and lo-and-behold I couldn't use the product.

XP Auto-Login

I needed to setup a Windows XP PC as a media-center type platform, and to automatically login on reboot. After a little bit of digging on the Internet discovered a number of different sets of instructions To resolve, I have summarised below ...

Little Ballon Text ...

Often I receive Microsoft Word documents from colleagues where the tracked changes and comments have become unreadable due to very small font sizes. Adjusting the font sizes is a little esoteric as the font styles don't appear by default in the styles lists.

Error_Install_Failure HP Print Drivers

Issue: While installing the HP Image Zone software, the installation will stop during the file copying process (usually between 3% and 75% completed) and an Error_Install_Failure message will display. The error message will refer to the HP Software Update module in the title bar of the message.

Move Office 2003 license

I needed to move my Microsoft Office 2003 license from my defunct laptop to my desktop (and will probably need to move it back to a new laptop in the future. Seems that I had used up my activation allotment. I had previously had to reinstall Office after replacing the laptop hard disk.