Little Ballon Text ...

Often I receive Microsoft Word documents from colleagues where the tracked changes and comments have become unreadable due to very small font sizes. Adjusting the font sizes is a little esoteric as the font styles don't appear by default in the styles lists.

To have the styles appear so you will be able to reset the font size ...

 Add the Ballon and Comment styles to thye Styles and Formatting Pane:

  1. Open the Styles and Formatting Pane.

    Format > Styles and Formatting...

  2. Make sure your selection or cursor is in the body of the document
  3. At the bottom select Custom from the Show: menu
  4. Check
    • Ballon text
    • Comment Reference
    • Comment Subject
    • Comment Text

    in the Formatt Settings dialog

  5. Click OK

    These formats will now appear in the Styles and Formatting pane

  6. Update the styles at your will.