Chinese Input on XP

This probably isn't self-evident to most users but it really is quite simple to setup XP for Chinese display and input ... because with XP all you need is already there ... or so it seems .. as always your mileage may vary.

I have found with my three separate installations of XP, one an OEM pre-installed version another a manual XP Home Edition install, and the third as installed on my XP Professional Edition business laptop.

  1. Open the control panel (I prefer in classic mode)
  2. Open "Regional and Language Options"
  3. Select the"Language" tab
  4. Ensure that "Install files for East Asian languages" is checked
  5. Click the "Details..." button to open the 'Text Services and Input Languages' dialog
  6. Click "Add..." and select the Chinese input language that you wish to use ...
  • I choose "Chinese (PRC)" ...
  • Choose the  input method you want to use by checking the "Keyboard layout/IME" and selecting a method from the dropdown list
    • I choose "Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0" on my XP Home Edition and XP Professional installs ....
    • On the OEM XP Home Edition installs this option wasn't available so we choose a different input method
  • Press OK to close the 'Add Input Language" dialog, Chinese (PRC) should now apear as a service in the installed services list.
  • Click "OK" to confim your additions and close the 'Text Services and Input Languages' dialog
  • Click "OK" to apply your changes and close the 'Regional and Language Options' window.

  • You should now be able to switch to Chinese input as you wish and Chinese characters should be available in web browsers and the like.