Solution Architect, Technical Consultant, Systems Programmer, Enterprise Architect


With over 30 years IT experience I have shown myself able to adapt and learn the detail of any technology necessary to design, develop and deliver an integrated business solution.

As an experienced solution designer, I understand the need to engage users and stakeholders, define and understand requirements and map that to an architecture and a clear development and deployment plan that yields a cost effective, agile integrated information systems solution.

I experienced a time in systems development when DevOps and Agile wasn’t a new way of doing things, it was the only way to do things.

From developing scientific instrumentation, critical embedded systems and mobile applications to porting and supporting a major insurance application from one mid-range OS to another I have a proven track record as a programmer in C, Java, Perl, Python, C++, Objective-C and many more. Whether it be web, mobile, cloud, network, virtual or dedicated hosting solutions, I understand the stack from the top of its user interaction down to its infrastructure foundations.

Whether green-fields, transition, transformation or legacy integration - I’ve done it.