Corporate Website with SharePoint 2010

One of the world’s leading diversified resources companies sought to deploy a new version of their external facing website. Vendors were selected and tasked with the web design and technical development of the site to be hosted on SharePoint 2010. Design and development teams needed immediate environments to begin site development.

As well as being the Solution Architect and technical lead for the hosting deployment, and integration and security solution I was also directly responsible for the completion of a significant number of detailed design and implementation activities.

Prior to the engagement of appropriate technical specialists; I personally spec'ed virtual server grade workstations and had them immediately stood up in the clients data-centre. I prepared the security and network architecture, DNS, firewall, AD, and network detailed designs and with the PM had them executed by the operational teams. "Single server Small SharePoint Farms" were installed and the design & dev teams were working in short order.

SharePoint, SQL Server, Storage and Wintel technical specialists were engaged to perform detailed design work under my direct over-site. Due to the concurrency of major security and network projects in the data-centre I completed all of the security and network detailed integration designs myself with only limited design authority assistance.

Requirements analysis was completed with design/dev teams and virtual build and test "Small SharePoint Farms" stood up and so that release and unit testing could begin.

I completed the integrated architecture using Medium SharePoint 2010 Farms for the staging, production and fail-over sites.

In addition to name service, network and security detailed design the loss of our SQL Server technical specialist meant I had to progress the database detailed design and patterns. I defined a dual active-passive SQL Cluster, resource and storage design that allowed for full automated redundancy. Farm databases were distributed across the cluster to spread load and ensure both sides remain healthy should their passive database complement fail across.

Farm server redundancy was implemented using combination of Topology Services and network traffic load-balancing using f5 technology. I designed UAT/Staging to contain all the same stack components as production, though in reduced capacity to allow both full application integration testing and operational testing. I implemented operations and site fail-over using a full replica of the technology stack and storage replication to achieve extremely high site up-time during scheduled and unscheduled outages.

I was responsible for both internal and external DNS design (split horizon DNS) detailed design, firewall, proxy and reverse proxy integration and site integration with the Akami CDN.